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eCommerce Website Design in Bangladesh

Get your business online with a professionally designed, modern, mobile-friendly eCommerce Website

Make an eCommerce Website for Your Business

Alpha Net’s Powerful infrastructure gives you the opportunity to sell your product online. It’s easy & simple to manage an E-Commerce Website. Alpha Net has helped many companies with establishing E-Commerce businesses. Many of these clients are based in the USA. Your E-Commerce Website will be fully responsive, user-friendly, and cross-browser compatible. You’ll manage your product catalog with an easy-to-use control panel. Popular payment options such as bKash, Nagad, Rocket Payment, Bank Transfer, and Paypal can be integrated with your Website. You can also add the SSL Certificate for Payment Security.

Launch Your eCommerce Website

Create your online store that help you to build a successful business in online. 

Give Your Requirements

Talk with our Expert about your requirements. We will study your requirements and quote you a suitable price.


Upload your product in your online shop and reach there to your targeted client to find your best product from you.


Select the right payment option for your client so that they can easily pay online from anywhere.


Start your online business with a new look and confirm your identity on online client to make money.

eCommerce Website Functionality

  •  Add, Edit and Delete Product Information
  •  Add, Edit and Delete Product Stock
  •  Approve, Edit and Delete Product Reviews
  •  Related product shown on product page
  •  Wishlist and Compare Functions
  •  Multiple pictures per product
  •  Zoom and thick box on products pictures
  •  Choice of number of products per page
  •  Products sorting by price
  •  Manufacturers, brands management
  •  Search Results rewrites and redirects
  •  Shipping method : store collection or regular shipping
  •  Paying by Bangladeshi Payment method or Cash on delivery
  •  Customer’s registration, and personal accounts
  •  Customer password Recovery System
  •  Wishlist enables customers to store products.
  •  Customers can view their order history and order statuses
  •  Customer has an address book
  •  Customer roles (groups)
  •  Live chat integration
  •  Customizable order emails
  •  Private messages
  •  Automatic, email validation or admin approval registration.
  •  reCAPTCHA support
  •  Contact Us form
  •  Customer activity log, etc.
  •  Anonymous checkout
  •  One-page checkout
  •  Checkout attributes
  •  Phone order support
  •  Multilingual and multicurrency support
  •  Configurable measure weights and dimensions
  •  SSL support
  •  PDF order receipts
  •  Mini shopping cart, etc
  • Record Stock Items
  •  Define Item Categories and Item Locations
  •  Record location transfers and other adjustments
  •  Set re-order levels for Inventory Items
  •  Automatic calculation of average material cost (per unit)
  •  Application of standard and overhead costs, into material prices
  •  Quantity of Items can be measured into standard units
  •  Foreign codes registration for barcode scanner entry
  •  Order management, admin will manage all orders
  •  Delivery tracking and status shown to the customer
  •  Admin can manage discount/offer/Coupon Code
  •  Customers can view their orders in their panel
  •  Orders monitoring by email
  •  Order Confirmation by SMS
  •  Orders statuses customizable
  •  PDF invoices, slips and delivery slips
  •  Return Policy

Choosing a payment gateway for your eCommerce website is one of those major decisions that impacts your online business. Attact & Convert more clients with multiple payment methods. We can integrate your eCommerce website with any popular Bangladeshi payment systems such as mobile banking ( bKash, Rocket, Nagad etc), Bank Transfer etc with minimul extra cost.

 Shipping Calculation

 Allows different addresses Billing and Shipping

 Estimate shipping

 Pickup Points

 Packaging slips

 Shipping methods

 Buyer get notified when order will be placed

 Admins get notified when orderpayment will be completed

 Sell Digital Products With Email/SMS

  •  Search engine friendly URLs
  •  Sitemap
  •  Microdata
  •  Localizable URLs
  •  Breadcrumbs
  •  URL Canonicalization
  •  Google Analytics integration

 Reward Points System

 Related products

 Discounts and coupons

 Newsletter and emails

 News, blog, forums, polls, and custom pages (topics)

 Gift cards

 Product reviews and ratings

 Product comparison sites

 Affiliate program

 Additional extensions

  •  Configuration of taxes by country, state, zip
  •  Individual products can be marked taxable or tax-exempt
  •  Tax classes for different products
  •  Some customer groups can be marked as tax exempt
  •  The European Union Value Added Tax (EU VAT) support (Company VAT Number)
  •  Store owners are able to specify “tax based on” billing/shipping/default/shipping origin address setting
  •  Prices can be displayed including or excluding tax
  •  Store owners are able to specify whether shipping is taxable
  •  Tax automation services integration
  •  Secure Back-Office access (login and password)
  •  PCI DSS compliance
  •  SSL compatibility
  •  Honeypot support to prevent spam
  •  Strong and flexible customer password policy
  •  Encrypted Passwords stores in database
  •  Built on secure technologies
  •  Resistance to attacks as XSS, CSRF, SQL injections, distant inclusions, path transversal
  •  Cookies encryption
  •  Block repeated attempts to recover passwords
  •  Multiple users management, and permissions (ACL)
  •  Maintenance mode
  •  Content management system
  •  Sub domain management
  •  Database backup (partial or full)
  •  SMTP e-mails sending (with or without SSL-TLS) or PHP mail()
  •  Products indexation for an optimized search
  •  Home page
  •  Product Store
  •  Product Category
  •  About
  •  Contact
  •  My Acccount
  •  Help – Warranty Policy, Privacy Policy
  •  Returns and Replacement
  •  FAQ
  •  Custom Page as Customer Requiremets
  •  Live Chat System

Ecommerce payment gateway integration

An effective payment gateway is extremely crucial for any online store. Alpha Net has all the facilities and resources to provide a comprehensive and secure payment gateway for your e-commerce website. We help you in choosing the right payment gateway for your online store so that all your customers find it easy to process payment for their transactions on your website. Moreover, an apt payment. We provide popular Mobile Banking (bKash, Rocket, Nagad etc.) & and also VISA, Master Card, American Express, DBBL, Islami Bank, City Bank Payment Gateway Integration.

Total control on your ecommerce website

Create a beautiful online store with the help of a Alpha Net. Our expert designers and developers can craft a unique design for your business. 

Fast ecommerce website development

We use the latest technology for your ecommerce website, which will make your ecommerce website extremely fast. 


Create your website from us & get its different SEO features, Google analytics tools, search engine friendly code. Our SEO team makes us the nation’s #1 rated eCommerce SEO service provider. Our marketing experts will be involved in your project from beginning to end, assuring your launch is smooth and rankings are retained and raised.  


eCommerce SMS marketing campaigns are one of the highest converting marketing channels available. We’ll not only integrate your website with your sms campaign provider, but we can also help design and develop effective strategies.


When apps are inevitable, we believe in creating engaging user experiences to conquer the eCommerce app marketplace. With nearly a decade of our experience in delivering what the client needs, we can build your eCommerce app with no hassle. 


Research shows most of the people spent their time on mobile devices. 46% of consumers complete their entire purchase process on smartphones. You’ll be missing a lot of sales if your website is not mobile-friendly. A responsive eCommerce platform ensures that visitors from all sorts of devices have equally great on-site experiences, without any design constraints.


Data backup is more important for any eCommerce website. If you take backup on a regular basis, you don’t have any fear to lose data. You will be facing the problem when you want to take a backup of your eCommerce website. From Alpha Net eCommerce Website Design, you can easily take backup using one click of your eCommerce website. 

Reporting System

Unifies sales data from all your channels into a single report, so you can easily monitor your performance over time. Or dig into the sales and order volume details by channel for each SKU for a tighter analysis of your product catalog. Make better inventory planning decisions by identifying SKUs that are running low in stock. Customize your low stock threshold for each report.  

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